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The freak show’s in town!

Some days ago i played with my makeup, and just went kinda crazy. I didn’t film it, but if you’re interested in it, I might redo it on camera. I hope you guys enjoy it!


Sometimes, one girl and too much makeup can get the funniest results. The purple eyebrows makes a good statement. I kinda love them, but don’t think I’ll ever get the guts to wear them outside of my house unless maybe for a photoshot. Then they would kick ass.

– Would you ever go outside with coloured eyebrows?

– If you would, what colour would you pick?

Summer, summer, summer!

So summer is already here (of course if you live anywhere but Norway, you might actually get  some sun as well!) and this is the time to bring out your bright-in-your-face coloured nail polishes and have a blaaaast! Like I’ve mentioned before, Isodora is my favorite brand to buy nail polishes from. They make the most amazing coloured nail polishes and they last FOREVER. So I picked out my top 5 summer polishes from them and thought I would tell you about them and why I love them.

All of these nail polishes are from Isadoras Wonder Nail collection. And two of them are in fact limited edition for summer. As it is shown on the picture they have the wide brush, which makes it really easy to apply to the nails, and easier to get an even application + it’s an extra long-lasting nail polish – almost as long-lasting as sleeping beauty’s latest nap – and they’ll stay on until you remove it with nail polish remover.

Glacé: Also called donut fat by my BFF Tonje. It’s a really nice light light light pink shimmery colour. Perfect for everyday use, and very work appropriate. It works with everything, and still gives a nice sophisticated look. A big hit in my book.

Ocean Drive: Is the absolute perfect minty green colour for summer. Unlike vintage mint, it’s very very very bright, and really pops on your fingers. Not like any green, minty colour I’ve ever owned before. I have it on my toes at the moment – let’s have a little moment to think of the grossness – and it’s just perfect for anyone who wants a bright but not pink or red, perfect. It’s also a limited edition colour, so run and buy it!

Vintage mint: is a more toned down version of Ocean Drive. It’s a nice light minty olive colour that colours you nails, but without drawing too much attention to them. A good summer colour for any green lovers out there.

Baby Blue: the name is a huge buzz kill here. It tells it as it is, a baby blue colour. Not so much more to say about it. One thing I really like about this one is that it doesn’t strike! It does not leave any of those awkward lines on you nails, like some pastel nail polishes does. A very nice sky blue colour.

Mellow Yellow: might just be my second favorite after Ocean Drive. I LOVE THIS COLOUR! Never have I ever found something that can even compare to this one. It’s a nice soft yellow nail polish with a lot of iridescent sparkles to it. Amazing. And as the Baby Blue, it doesn’t strike. I just love this one. It makes you look a lot tanner (on you hands of course) and gives a nice clean look. I love it, I love it, I love it.

The Isadora nail polishes retails for 79 kroners and is more on the expensive side of nail polishes. I have not been able to find them anywhere but in Norway so far, but if you have it in you country – let me know. So I hoped you guys liked it, and let me know if you’d like an overview of my isadora  , all of them and not just my top five summer ones.

– What’s your favorite nail polish brand?

– What’s your favorite nail polish colour for summer or anytime?

– Do you like neutral or colourful nails? Let me know!

Beauty Joint

So here it is people, my second but deffinetly not last online makeup haul. I love shopping online, but this is turning in to quite an problem for me. I order more stuff then I can remember, haha, no good. Anyway, I always wanted to find a site that carried NYX, mostly the jumob eyeshadow pencils, and shipped worldwide. And I found it, or I found two. I placed my order with and my package came one week later, amazing! So here’s my shopping confessions.


The first items I got was of course my jumbo eyeshadow pencils. I LOVE THESE! Such an good cuality for such a good price, it’s awesome. Preveiously I only had the one in blackbean and milk, which there’s only a tiny tiny piece left of. So I had to order my backups of it, now I have 3. But I’m thinking of giving one away to a friend. not sure yet. I also got the one in cherry(red), strawberry milk(light pink), yellow, and Green Rocky Mountain(forest green) Buy them people, you won’t regret it!


If you read my blog frequently you prabobly already know that I’m a lipstick junkie.I love me some lipstick, bright, neutural, shimmery, matte, shiny, you name it, I love it, and in most cases, have it. So when I had the oppertunity to order more of the round lipsticks from NYX, I didn’t pass it up. I have’nt really played with them yet, but their time will come.


I’ve always heard so many good things about the NYX blushes, but I never got the chance to get one. Probobly had something to so with the fact that they don’t sell NYX in Norway, and I would have to go through all the trouble of finding someone to swap with. So when I placed my order, I put in some of these babies as well. The colours of them are(from left to right) Pinched, Spice and Peach. Now, I was pretty upset that I didn’t get to pick up the blush in Pink Cult from the mac collection that launched resently, but this one seems to work like a dupe! I love it already, haven’t tried the other ones, but this one, wow.

You gotta love cheap online shopping, and as it tourns out, they do sell NYX on place in my town, but they take $33 for ONE round lipstick. It’s so sick, I was like, HELL NO! I’ll just order it online, muhahahah. Coz I’m awesome like that. Check out the site peeepz.