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My lipstick brings all the boy to the yard!

Limecrime is one of the most talked about company’s online and in the makeup community in blogs and on youtube when it comes to bright colours and amazing pigmentation. You can only find their products online, but it’s worth it when you get one of these babies in your grip. Each lipstick comes with 3.5 grams of 0.12 US oz of products, and costs $16.

The packaging is the cutest thing I’ve ever seen on a makeup product. I’m not afraid to say it, I’m a sucker for good, unique and pretty packaging, and this is where limecrimes score top points. The adorable fushia tube, with holographic unicorns and stars, I think I’ve died and come to heaven. I could just stare at this lipstick for ages and it’s such a good conversation starter when you pull the lipstick out of your purse. The lipstick comes in such a big variation of colours, so there’ll be at least one colour for everyone. I got four lipsticks so far, and I’m sure, this collection will grow!

You can ask anyone of my friends, I LOVE BRIGHT LIPSTICKS! I just love it! Pink, red, coral, purple, orange, it doesn’t matter, if you have it, I’ll try it. and when I finally got the guts to buy some of the limecrime lipsticks, I was hooked! So I’ll give you guys a more in dept explanation of what I think about each colour.


Countessa Flourescent:
Can anyone give me a hallelujah? This is the most intense bright pink lipstick I think I’ve ever owned. When I wore it out in public I paired it with black clothes and pink shoes, and my step mom admired me for daring to wear it outside the house. It’s the most amazing bright pink lipstick, and in my opinion it gives you just the amount of attention you need when you walk past people on the street. I got plenty of compliments when I wore this one, and it’s for the ones who are getting into bright and crazy lipsticks, but aren’t comfortable with colours such as orange, blue or purple just yet.  


Great pink planet:
Now this lipstick might be something that’ll suit everyone. A light Barbie pink colour can never go wrong. It’s neutral, but bright at the same time, and very hard to explain. I used it in my silver/grey smokey eyes tutorial if you guys want to see what it looks like “live”. The pigmentation in all of these lipsticks are insane. One swipe and they’re on, and lasts though out the entire day. Scary stuff. Great pink planet is a lipstick who’s nice to have in your collection, but not a must have in my opinion. If it were up to me, I would go for a more bright lipstick if it’s your first purchase.


My Beautiful Rocket:
My oh my, this lipstick is as orange as the hair on a true gingers head! Bright,bright, bright, BRIGHT! This is a very unique and special colour. I’ve never owned a something like this, out of all my orange lipstick – all three that I do own – none of the others can even compare to my beautiful rocket in colour pigmentation. Orange was a colour that was a big hit this summer, and will probably come back in the spring/summer time next year too if you ask me. If this is to bright for you, you might want to try a more coral instead of the bright orange. This is exactly the type of colour and pigmentation Limecrime is so famous for. I love it!


Airborn Unicorn:
The sweetness and magic of the name is plays a lovely melody in my ears! I love how creative limecrime is with their names, haha. Anyway, airborn unicorn was the first lipstick I ever put in my shopping basket. This was just one of those colours I could not live without. To be completely honest, I haven’t worn this lipstick outside the house. It’s still a little too much for me, but maybe with time – if ever – I might dare myself to wear it when I’m getting the mail or something. The pigmentation is amazing, and the texture is too.

Overall opinion:
So what do I really think of limecrime cosmetics? You need it, or “løp og kjøp!” like I would say to all my Norwegian friends out there. This lipsticks aren’t to expencive, but they are on the pricy side when it comes to cosmetics. They are, however,worth every penny. I’ve noticed that the oink colours have the tendency to stain my lips a bit, but that’s not something I mind, but you might want to take this into consideration when you make your order.  I’ve already placed two orders with this company, and I can assure you, my Limecrime collection will only grow from this moment forward.


Summer, summer, summer!

So summer is already here (of course if you live anywhere but Norway, you might actually get  some sun as well!) and this is the time to bring out your bright-in-your-face coloured nail polishes and have a blaaaast! Like I’ve mentioned before, Isodora is my favorite brand to buy nail polishes from. They make the most amazing coloured nail polishes and they last FOREVER. So I picked out my top 5 summer polishes from them and thought I would tell you about them and why I love them.

All of these nail polishes are from Isadoras Wonder Nail collection. And two of them are in fact limited edition for summer. As it is shown on the picture they have the wide brush, which makes it really easy to apply to the nails, and easier to get an even application + it’s an extra long-lasting nail polish – almost as long-lasting as sleeping beauty’s latest nap – and they’ll stay on until you remove it with nail polish remover.

Glacé: Also called donut fat by my BFF Tonje. It’s a really nice light light light pink shimmery colour. Perfect for everyday use, and very work appropriate. It works with everything, and still gives a nice sophisticated look. A big hit in my book.

Ocean Drive: Is the absolute perfect minty green colour for summer. Unlike vintage mint, it’s very very very bright, and really pops on your fingers. Not like any green, minty colour I’ve ever owned before. I have it on my toes at the moment – let’s have a little moment to think of the grossness – and it’s just perfect for anyone who wants a bright but not pink or red, perfect. It’s also a limited edition colour, so run and buy it!

Vintage mint: is a more toned down version of Ocean Drive. It’s a nice light minty olive colour that colours you nails, but without drawing too much attention to them. A good summer colour for any green lovers out there.

Baby Blue: the name is a huge buzz kill here. It tells it as it is, a baby blue colour. Not so much more to say about it. One thing I really like about this one is that it doesn’t strike! It does not leave any of those awkward lines on you nails, like some pastel nail polishes does. A very nice sky blue colour.

Mellow Yellow: might just be my second favorite after Ocean Drive. I LOVE THIS COLOUR! Never have I ever found something that can even compare to this one. It’s a nice soft yellow nail polish with a lot of iridescent sparkles to it. Amazing. And as the Baby Blue, it doesn’t strike. I just love this one. It makes you look a lot tanner (on you hands of course) and gives a nice clean look. I love it, I love it, I love it.

The Isadora nail polishes retails for 79 kroners and is more on the expensive side of nail polishes. I have not been able to find them anywhere but in Norway so far, but if you have it in you country – let me know. So I hoped you guys liked it, and let me know if you’d like an overview of my isadora  , all of them and not just my top five summer ones.

– What’s your favorite nail polish brand?

– What’s your favorite nail polish colour for summer or anytime?

– Do you like neutral or colourful nails? Let me know!


So me and two of my best friends started a new youtube channel. It’s called TTLMakeup, standing for Tonje, Totto and Lina and ofc makeup is self explanatory. I will upload the tutorials on this channel, or at least the ones I make, and if I can get premission from the other two, there’ll be a lot of tutorials in the near future. Hope you guys like it, the first series we’re doing is rainbow inspired.

Tonje: Yellow and Purple

Lina: Red and Blue

Totto: Orange, green and pink



I really hope you guys will like the channel and the videos. Let me know if you have any suggestions or requests you would want us to do.

Oh sparkly blue

So if you’re one who follows the people on youtube regulary, you’ve probably seen that many has a colour on the tips of their brushes. This is a nice trick so you’ll reconize your brushes around other makeup artists or friends. You can use whatever colour to do this, it’s all up to your imagination. I did add a light baby blue cout at first, but decided to go with the sparkles as well later on. Hope you guys like it.

The first thing I did was to apply a bit of tape on the end of the brushes. How far up or down on the handle you want it is completly up to you. The line you make with the tape is going to decide where the nailpolish should start or stop.


Then you just apply the nailpolish layer by layer. I take two layers of each colour, but if your just using one colour I don’t think you’ll need more then two of them. Be sure to make it as intence as posible, that’s the coolest way people. Then you just let the nailpolish dry and peel of the tape. You should be left with an awesome coloured tip on your brushes.

The word has gone around

That I’ve fallen in love with online shopping. And yes, it’s true. I blame it all on my friend Janne, shame on her, for helping me get over my fair of online shopping. It’s not cool. I’m waiting for a ton of packages from different sites, and of course, most of the contain makeup products. I don’t even know where to put most of it! And it’s cruel because it’s cheaper to buy it online then for me to go to the store in Norway(some products we don’t even have here) and then I’ll have to wait FOREVER for them to get to me. Well, when they get here, look out for the hauls that will come in the near future

I don’t really know what you’d like to know about me. I looooooove makeup. To the day I die. I do my friends makeup and my own whenever we go out. This blog will be filled with all make up related things. Tags, tutorial, hauls and reviews. Mac aholic forever. I’m 18 years old, and from Norway, so if there’s anything you want to know, don’t be afraid to leave a comment.


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