Beauty Joint

So here it is people, my second but deffinetly not last online makeup haul. I love shopping online, but this is turning in to quite an problem for me. I order more stuff then I can remember, haha, no good. Anyway, I always wanted to find a site that carried NYX, mostly the jumob eyeshadow pencils, and shipped worldwide. And I found it, or I found two. I placed my order with and my package came one week later, amazing! So here’s my shopping confessions.


The first items I got was of course my jumbo eyeshadow pencils. I LOVE THESE! Such an good cuality for such a good price, it’s awesome. Preveiously I only had the one in blackbean and milk, which there’s only a tiny tiny piece left of. So I had to order my backups of it, now I have 3. But I’m thinking of giving one away to a friend. not sure yet. I also got the one in cherry(red), strawberry milk(light pink), yellow, and Green Rocky Mountain(forest green) Buy them people, you won’t regret it!


If you read my blog frequently you prabobly already know that I’m a lipstick junkie.I love me some lipstick, bright, neutural, shimmery, matte, shiny, you name it, I love it, and in most cases, have it. So when I had the oppertunity to order more of the round lipsticks from NYX, I didn’t pass it up. I have’nt really played with them yet, but their time will come.


I’ve always heard so many good things about the NYX blushes, but I never got the chance to get one. Probobly had something to so with the fact that they don’t sell NYX in Norway, and I would have to go through all the trouble of finding someone to swap with. So when I placed my order, I put in some of these babies as well. The colours of them are(from left to right) Pinched, Spice and Peach. Now, I was pretty upset that I didn’t get to pick up the blush in Pink Cult from the mac collection that launched resently, but this one seems to work like a dupe! I love it already, haven’t tried the other ones, but this one, wow.

You gotta love cheap online shopping, and as it tourns out, they do sell NYX on place in my town, but they take $33 for ONE round lipstick. It’s so sick, I was like, HELL NO! I’ll just order it online, muhahahah. Coz I’m awesome like that. Check out the site peeepz.