Fortune Cookie Soap

Just the idea behind these soaps is soooooo cute. I love it. When I went to the post office to pick up the package, coz it was to big for my mailbox, I had two of my best friends with me. One of them freaked out and laughed so hard when she heard that I ordered soaps from America. Across the world for some simple soaps. But they’re soo cute. I mean fortune cookie shaped soap, with a real fortune inside. Amazing


The first one is the scent in Kryptonite, and being the superhero freak I am, I got this one just for the name. And ironically, this is the one i liked the best. IT SMELLS AWESOME! And it’s a glow in the dark soap, haha, funny. I got two of this one so one is going to my friend.

The chocolate dipped strawberry look so real, and I was super excited to smell it when it came. What a disappointment. It smells so grosse! I hate it, so much! AND I BOUGHT TWO OF THEM! Ewww, so disgusting.


This soap is so epic! It’s called eye of the tiger, and is a intence orange with black strikes on it. Love it. It’s a mix between pinapple and candycane. So good, and so pretty, love it.

This pink one is my second favorite. It’s called Vivid, and it’s a hot hot hot hot hot pink with glitters in it. It smells soooo good. Love it!


Then I also decided to try out the bath bombs, they’re still in the testing area, so a review is coming up. Haven’t really made up my mind about them yet. I hope you guys like this haul, and if you have any questions just let me know.

– Have you shopped at fortune cookie soap?

– What is you favorite scent in soaps? Let me know!