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Oh sparkly blue

So if you’re one who follows the people on youtube regulary, you’ve probably seen that many has a colour on the tips of their brushes. This is a nice trick so you’ll reconize your brushes around other makeup artists or friends. You can use whatever colour to do this, it’s all up to your imagination. I did add a light baby blue cout at first, but decided to go with the sparkles as well later on. Hope you guys like it.

The first thing I did was to apply a bit of tape on the end of the brushes. How far up or down on the handle you want it is completly up to you. The line you make with the tape is going to decide where the nailpolish should start or stop.


Then you just apply the nailpolish layer by layer. I take two layers of each colour, but if your just using one colour I don’t think you’ll need more then two of them. Be sure to make it as intence as posible, that’s the coolest way people. Then you just let the nailpolish dry and peel of the tape. You should be left with an awesome coloured tip on your brushes.

Silver Bullet

So when I came home from school today, I ignored my homework and sat down with my makeup collection. And I wanted to do something different.So I decided that I’m going to do a sparkle me up series, with different colours and glitters and ways to use them. I just placed an order with glamour doll eyes, and have some glitters coming my way. So this is going to be the simple silver holographic sparkle. Really pretty, and easily used when your going out without looking like a disco-ball. So I’ll show you pictures of the products and the finished look. Hope you guys enjoy!

The first thing I did was to prime my eyes with urban decay primer potion and NYX jumbo eyeshadow pencil in milk all over my eyelids, and up to the brow bone.

Then I moved on to eyeshadow. I wanted to use a matte white highlight considering the fact that I was going to put glitter all over my lids, so I used MAC’s eyeshadow in Gesso under my brow bone and in the inner tear duct to give my eyes the move awakened look. And I also used my GOSH quad in smokey eyes. I used the light grey on the inner part of my lid and the darker one on the rest. After applying my lid colours, I went on to the crease. I wanted to make it dark and took MAC’s eyeshadow in Carbon and worked it into my crease.

Now the fun part begins. I used HOT makeups HOT mixing glitter. This product has to steps, but I only used step number 1, which is the glue. It kinda look like a mixture between milk and water, I know, gross explanation. But anyway, I put this all over the eyelid and then I applied the glitter. I used one by GOSH the Powder effect in 09 Holographic Silver, which is a silver with rainbow sparkles. The important step here is to apply when the glue is still wet (da-ah) or it won’t stick.

After that I just applied some liquid liner, and pencil liner to my waterline, as well as mascara and false lashes.

And this is the finished look. (The lighting is washing out the colours, they were much more vibrant in real life. Also the first picture is taken with a blitz and the rest was without)

*Non of the photo’s are edited in any kind of editing programs, and are taken in natural lightning.

– Are there any special colours you like to use in glitter looks?

– Do you have any favorite brand to buy your glitter from? Let me know!