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Mad as the Hulk!

The third video in the rainbow series I do in collaboration with two of my best friends and the colour is green. Green is probably the colour – right after purple – that I wore the most. I hope you guys like it!


– Urban Decay primer potion
– NYX Jumbo eyeshadowpencil in Milk
– GDE in big brother
– GDE in schizophrenic
– GDE in Acensti
– GDE in Sex appeal
– Mac fluidline in dark envy
– Gosh velvet touch eyeliner in Lime soda
– Maybelline Colossal mascara

– Mac pro long wear concealer
– Mac MSF
– Too faced in pink leopard

– Laura Mercier lipgloss in Bellini


I’m blue, dabbadi dabbadai!

So the TTL-Makeup channel is officially up and running now that Lina also made a tutorial and posted it about 30 minutes ago. We’re going at this with, and hopefully we’ll keep going for a long time. The only thing left to do is to convince Tonje to do one to, or we might have to kick her sorry ass, haha. I hope you guys like it, and feel free to step by Lina at and tell her what you think of the look, or comment on the video!


I absolutely fell in love with this look, so pretty. The perfect clubbing makeup for those of you who are bored with the same old, same old.

– Where would you wear this look?

– What do you prefer, colourful makeup or neutral? Let me know!

Products Used:
– Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion
– MAC eyeshadow “Moon’s Reflection”
– MAC eyeshadow “Steamy”
– MAC eyeshadow “Deep Truth”
– MAC fluidline “Macroviolet”
– MAC studio fix fluid foundation
– BareMinerals I.D. foundation powder
– Guirlain Princess Terracotta powder

Orange, orange, orange!

So for about 1-2 months ago I announced that me and two of my best friends were going to start a youtube channel and that the first theme was going to be a rainbow series. Now, we’ve finally started after a loooooong waiting time. I was the first one to publish a tutorial after the introduction to both our channel and the series was made. I really hope you guys enjoy the tutorial, and tune back in when I’ll post my friends vids as well.

– What is your favorite colour in the rainbow?

– What to you think of rainbow patterned items? stylish or tacky?

– Urban Decay primer potion
– NYX Jumbo eyeshadowpencil in Milk
– Mac Vanilla eyeshadow
– Mac strawharvest eyeshadow (limited edition)
– Mac Amber lights eyeshadow
– Mac eyeshadow in Embark
– Mac Kohl eyeliner in Teddy
– Mac Blacktrack fluidline
– Maybelline Colossal mascara

– Mac pro long wear concealer
– Mac MSF
– Mac bronzer in golden
– Mac blush in Melba
– Mac magically cool liquid powder in truth and light

– Mac lipstick in See Sheer
– Mac lipstick in Way to love (limited edition)

The freak show’s in town!

Some days ago i played with my makeup, and just went kinda crazy. I didn’t film it, but if you’re interested in it, I might redo it on camera. I hope you guys enjoy it!


Sometimes, one girl and too much makeup can get the funniest results. The purple eyebrows makes a good statement. I kinda love them, but don’t think I’ll ever get the guts to wear them outside of my house unless maybe for a photoshot. Then they would kick ass.

– Would you ever go outside with coloured eyebrows?

– If you would, what colour would you pick?

 Gold Digger!

So I watched some old youtube videos yesterday, and I came over VitageorTacky’s video on using a pigment to make your lipstick stand out and look super complicated, and I just fell in love. I thought I might try it out, and figured it might as well do a frame by frame, photo tutorial for you guys. It’s super simple, but so amazing. This look can be used with any coloured lipstick or pigment eyeshadow.

The first thing you need to do is to apply the lipstick of your choice on all over your lips. You might also want to use a lipliner if you plan to wear it for more than one hour. I used Girl About Town by Mac.

After this, you’ll need a pigment in the colour of your choice and a fluffy blending brush. I used Trophy Wife by Glamour Doll Eye. How you apply it is by dipping the brush in the pigment and softly applying it to your lipstick in circular motions. You’ll only need to lightly dust it onto the center of your lips.

I hope you guys enjoyed this simple, yet fun photo tutorial. All credit goes to VintageorTacky for showing this to the youtube society.

– What colours would you use for this tutorial?

– Would you ever dare to wear this in public?


– VintageorTacky’s tutorial



Mac Cleanse Off Oil

I’ve always sworn by the simple face wipes for removing my makeup. I have an enormous fear for getting things and products in my eyes, because no matter who many times it states that it does not sting your eyes, it always huuuuuurt! Maybe I have super-duper sensitive eyes, I don’t know, but it hurts like a mother ******!

The Mac cleanse off oil($24 or £16) is a nice makeup remover oil, consisting of only natural ingredients. It comes with 150 ml/5.0 FL OZ.


So how do you apply it to your face you may ask? Well the answer to your question is quite simple. You take one pump into your hand, notice ONE PUMP, unless you have a creepy extremely large face surface – then you might need two – and rub you hands together. After this you apply the oil directly to your dry face and starts to work it in. After having massaged it for a while, add a small amount of water, which will create a nice foamy consistency. And after you’re satisfied with the makeup removing you may clean it off with some water. Easy peasy chicken pie.


The product itself does not look like much, it basically looks like water in a bottle. At first I thought it was going to be more of a gel consistency – God only knows why, it’s not like it’s described in the name of the product or anything – and was completely astonished when I pushed the pump, haha. It’s so nice and so easy, it’s insane. It even removes waterproof mascara and eyeliner like its nobodys business, and the bottle will last you for quite some time. With the cleanse off oil you don’t have to rub or tug on your skin, a simple gesture from your hand is all that’s needed, like a windshield wiper motion, back and forth over your eyelashes, and it comes right of.

The biggest concern I had about this product was, am I going to use 205 norwegian kroner on something I not going to use more than once? Like I’ve mentioned above, I have a server paranoia about getting fragments – liquid or firm – in my eyes. You might call me crazy, but I like my eyes the way they are, functional.

Overall opinion:

Like any other MAC product, this once also ranks on the more expensive side of the makeup industry. You can get cheaper alternatives for a lot less, a fraction of the price even. But like I’ve stated before, I enjoy MAC products. With them I know what to expect and how it’s going to work out. If you have the money, go for it, you wont regret it!

– What’s your favorite makeup remover?

Do you prefer makeup wipes or liquid makeup remover?

Do you swear by a special brand? If you do which? Let me know!


– US:

– UK: 



Everyday purple

My insecurity within makeup is slowly slipping away, and my eye makeup is becoming more and more vibrant and colourful. One colour I loooooove to use for eyeshadows for everyday is purple. I like to blend it with a neutral colour to make it work appropriate. So here’s the tutorial, hope you guys enjoy.

– Urban Decay primer potion
– NYX Jumbo eyeshadow pencil in Milk
– Mac eyeshadow in naked lunch
– Mac eyeshadow in Trax
– Mac eyeshadow in embark
– Mac eyeshadow in blanch type
– H&M glitterliner in purple
– Maybeline Colossal mascara

– Mac MSF natural
– Mac bronzer in Golden
-NYX blush ( lost the label)

– Stila long wear lip color in coquette

I’m thinking of doing something different with my tutorials from now on. I think I’m going to start filming them and posting them on here as videos. Then it will be easier for anyone who may want to recreate the look, to see what tecniques I used and how. Let me know what you think!


Do you guys like the slidewho or the video best? – Let me know!

Smoke me out!

So this tutorial must be one of the easiest ways to get a brown smokey eye that’s out there. Even though it’s so simple, it looks amazing on so many people, and I love it. It’s the first type of dark smokey eye that I’ve been able to pull of, and I like it. I’ll list the steps and products

The first thing I did was to apply my Urban Decay Primer Potion all over my lids, and then I took my NYX jumbo eyeshadow pencil in Blackbean on my lid and in my crease leaving the browbone area clear. The blackbean pencil is a matte black base, and apply it by dabbing it on the lid and blend it out evenly either with you fingers or a blending brush. Then I applied MAC’s eyeshadow in Satin Taupe all over the lid. I also used the jumbo eyeshadow pencil in milk as a base for my browbone highlight.


So far it will look very messy, and I recommend having a towel or a tissue near by. Then I simply applied MAC’s eyeshadow in Vanilla to my browbone and Carbon in my crease so smoke the look out a bit.


Then all you do is to repeat the steps on your lower lashline, apply some dipliner and mascara and your good to go. You could also used a bright coloured eyeshadow/liner to make a poop of colour on your lower lashline, but I went the easy way, haha.


Now you’ll just have to do the rest of your face makeup. I chose to do a light coral lip. I used my mac lipliner in naked to create an even base for my lipstick, and then took my Este Lauder lipstick in number 7. And I was done, I hope you guys enjoyed this super simple brown smokey eye and let me know if you’d like more tutorials of this kind?

All Cosmetics Wholesale

So here it is like I promised. The first online shopping haul of many. If you’ve never been on the all cosmetics wholesale’s website click here and then come back to my post. All cosmetics wholesale or ACW is a website that sells discontinued or cheaper makeup from different brands such as mac, dior, YSL and so on. I’m going to be completely honest and say that I was really skeptic when I first placed my order, and it took my quite some time before I got the nerve to actually place my order. But I’m so happy I did, and it only took about 1 week for it to get to me, and that is with the holiday. Amazing! Well, on to the products.

Too Faced – Bronzing powder in Pink Leopard


I haven’t tried this product, and yes, I got it for the name. I knew that too faced where kinda on the expensive side, so I didn’t mind paying the §20.99 for it. But holy moly, this one is huge! I never in my life thought it to look this big. Amazing! You can buy it HERE!

OCC – Lip tar in Clear


This product is one of the most talked about and hyped up products on youtube. So I though what the heck, and I got it. supposedly I will never have to buy another lipgloss ever when I have this one, because they last forever and can me mixed with every colour of the rainbow. You can find it HERE

MAC – Myth lipstick

Again, me and those hyped up products. I got it, don’t know if I like it yet. And it’s currently sold out on the website, sorrrrrrry.

Este Lauder – Lipstick in number 7


A super duper pretty coral colour, and again it’s sold out on the website. I love this one. I’ve tried it, and used it in a tutorial  commíng up pretty soon. Loooooooove it.

Urban Decay- Eyeshadow in Ruthless


The picture on the cover is freaking awesome! I mean, a dinosaur AND a robot. I must be in heaven, haha. Such a nice light brown with lovely shimmers to it and you can find it HERE

They also include samples in every package you get and since I’m a cheap ass norwegian I got my haul in to orders just so I wouldn’t have to pay taxes, oh yeah, I that cool. Here are the samples I got.


Once this one gets back in stack it’s mine baby. The most amazing smell EVER!


Looks grosse, smells grosse, feels grosse. Not gonna buy this one..


I’m not a lipgloss kinda girl, and this is definitely not a colour I would rock if I was.

I’ve truly fallen in love with all cosmetics wholesale, and I will definitely order from it again, amazing deals. Go check it out people!