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All Cosmetics Wholesale

So here it is like I promised. The first online shopping haul of many. If you’ve never been on the all cosmetics wholesale’s website click here and then come back to my post. All cosmetics wholesale or ACW is a website that sells discontinued or cheaper makeup from different brands such as mac, dior, YSL and so on. I’m going to be completely honest and say that I was really skeptic when I first placed my order, and it took my quite some time before I got the nerve to actually place my order. But I’m so happy I did, and it only took about 1 week for it to get to me, and that is with the holiday. Amazing! Well, on to the products.

Too Faced – Bronzing powder in Pink Leopard


I haven’t tried this product, and yes, I got it for the name. I knew that too faced where kinda on the expensive side, so I didn’t mind paying the §20.99 for it. But holy moly, this one is huge! I never in my life thought it to look this big. Amazing! You can buy it HERE!

OCC – Lip tar in Clear


This product is one of the most talked about and hyped up products on youtube. So I though what the heck, and I got it. supposedly I will never have to buy another lipgloss ever when I have this one, because they last forever and can me mixed with every colour of the rainbow. You can find it HERE

MAC – Myth lipstick

Again, me and those hyped up products. I got it, don’t know if I like it yet. And it’s currently sold out on the website, sorrrrrrry.

Este Lauder – Lipstick in number 7


A super duper pretty coral colour, and again it’s sold out on the website. I love this one. I’ve tried it, and used it in a tutorial  commíng up pretty soon. Loooooooove it.

Urban Decay- Eyeshadow in Ruthless


The picture on the cover is freaking awesome! I mean, a dinosaur AND a robot. I must be in heaven, haha. Such a nice light brown with lovely shimmers to it and you can find it HERE

They also include samples in every package you get and since I’m a cheap ass norwegian I got my haul in to orders just so I wouldn’t have to pay taxes, oh yeah, I that cool. Here are the samples I got.


Once this one gets back in stack it’s mine baby. The most amazing smell EVER!


Looks grosse, smells grosse, feels grosse. Not gonna buy this one..


I’m not a lipgloss kinda girl, and this is definitely not a colour I would rock if I was.

I’ve truly fallen in love with all cosmetics wholesale, and I will definitely order from it again, amazing deals. Go check it out people!