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Rainbow, unicorns and cotton candy!

The next instalment in the rainbow series is pink. Like every little girls favorite colour, and with lots of glitter! This kind of blends together with my sparkle me up series as well, so I hit two stones with one rock. It’s girly, sparkly and I love it. Hope you guys enjoy it!

– What was you favorite colour as a kid and now?

 Do you believe that everything’s better with sparkle?




Product list:
– Urban Decay primer potion
– NYX Jumbo eyeshadowpencil in Strawberry milk
– Mac yogurt eyeshadow
– GDE in unicorn
– Mac Omega eyeshadow
– H&M palette
– GDE eyelight in Ditzy
– GDE eyelight in Pink Cadillac
– Mac fluidline in Macro Violet
– Maybelline Colossal mascara

– Mac pro long wear concealer
– Mac MSF
– Mac blush in overdyed

-Mac lipstick in angel

Blacktrack Fluidline

MAC’s fluidline($15 or £13.50) is one the most known products from their line. And blacktrack is the colour  everyone talks about. It’s just a black gel liner, which means you’ll need a brush to apply it. This is a permanent product at all MAC counters or stores or the online store. The container comes with 3 grams or 0.10 US OZ.


As you can see on the first picture you can see that I’ve used a lot of my blacktrack fluidline. I used it all the time when I first got it, and thought it was sent from heaven. And then I forgot about it for about four months, and in the last week I started using it again. When I started using it again, I realized just how easy it actually is if you have a somewhat steady hand. For every beginner with liner, I would recommend the gel liners, definitely the easiest way to go.

This product is perfect for making a cat-liner aka a flick at the end of you eyelid, to extend it, often used on pin-up dolls, and in pin-up looks. This is probably what the cat liner is known for. It’s also good for a thin and natural looking liner for all of you out there who don’t like to look as if you just came back from a long night out in the town. So prevent it from smudging, you should set it with a matte black eyeshadow, that is if you’re not a fan of the all famous raccoon eyes.

The blacktrack fluidline can be used on your waterline as well. There’s a lot of people who chooses do use it this way because it lasts all day when applied this way and it’s black, like really black.

Overall opinion:

This product is truly amazing, but not a must have. I consider the gel liner a must have, but you don’t have to get the MAC one considering that it’s very expensive. I would strongly recommend this for a beginner who’s just starting out with gel liner. Overall a great product.


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