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Instant Chic

I hate myself for doing this, but yes, I have another limited edition product to show you guys. But to my defence, I always fall in love with the products I can’t get once I run out of them, fml. Haha, anyway, this blush is from the pret a papier from the summer of 2010. I’m crossing my fingers for MAC to repromote this blush, its amazing.The container comes with 6 grams or 0.21 US OZ.

The first picture is taken in natural daylight, so it’s the one that’s the comparable  to the colour in real life. But anyway this is one of my most used blushes. Instant chic and Bite of an apple blush are the ones I’ll use for everyday basis, if it’s not Insant chic, it’s bite of an apple 90% of the time. The blush is matte even though it’s a sheertone, and when you apply it you have to work it into your skin and not just pack it on people. If you take your time with the blush, and blends it nicely, it makes the perfect I-got-plenty-of-sleep kinda look, and not the oh-crap-I-was-up-all-night-watching-movies looks that is kinda familiar to me and my friends.

This blush can be pared with anything. I use my bronzer in golden and MSF in perfect topping, and it looks pretty good if I might say so without sounding really cocky. The sheer coral colour gives a nice everyday glow to your face. I have never tried it out on a darker skin tone, but on the pale creatures out there(like myself) this is our blush!

“Instant Chic is the most unique of the three blushes, despite not having the best color pay off (it is a sheertone, though).  It’s coral enough to be perfect for summer and add some brightness to cheeks, but it’s not so warm that only warmer skin tones will like it.  I do think it’s a better shade for light to medium skin tones, and if you’re of a deeper skin tone, you may want to swatch it in person first.” –

Overall opinion:

This blush is my everyday blush, so of course I love it. I would without a doubt repurchase it, no question asked. An amazing product for everyday or just to build up in the summertime for the perfect natural coral cheeks.


Quite Cute Collection

I’M SO EXCITED! This collection is super cute, therefor the name. It’s out in the US on the 7th of April and in Norway the 8th, and I think around there for the rest Europe as well. I’ve already put the lilac lipstick and the nude, the nude lipliner and the quad on hold at my counter. Hopefully, they’ll be able to hold these items for me, but if they get few of each items, they can’t. So I’m crossing my fingers.

Lipstick ($14.50)

  • Playing Koi Creamy white peach pink (Satin) (Limited Edition)
  • Saint Germain Pastel pink (Amplified) (Permanent)
  • Candy Yum-Yum Neon pink (Matte) (Limited Edition)
  • Quite Cute Bright white lavender (Cremesheen) (Limited Edition)
  • Play Time Intense violet (Cremesheen) (Limited Edition)

Plushglass ($18.50)

  • Fashion Fanatic Creamy pale pink (Limited Edition)
  • Bubble Tea Creamy pale nude (Limited Edition)
  • Girl ♥ Boy Bright light blue pink (Limited Edition)
  • I ♥ U Creamy mid-tone purple (Limited Edition)

Lip Pencil ($13)

  • In Synch Bright yellow pink (Limited Edition) (Repromote)
  • Naked Light neutral (Limited Edition) (Repromote)
  • Boldly Bare Mid-tone red brown (Limited Edition) (Repromote)

Mineralize Blush ($23 )

  • Giggly Light pink with pearly plum heart (Frost) (Limited Edition)
  • Sakura Lavender with pearly deep magenta heart (Frost) (Limited Edition)
  • Miss Behave Light beige with pearly mint green heart (Frost) (Limited Edition)

Nail Lacquer ($14)

  • Ice Cream Cake Creamy blue pink (Cream) (Limited Edition)
  • Little Girl Type Creamy pale lavender (Cream) (Limited Edition)
  • Mischievous Creamy pale blue mint (Cream) (Limited Edition)

Cutie Eyeshadow Quad ($36)

  • Moshi! Moshi! Pale white green gold (Frost) (Limited Edition)
  • Goody Goody Gum Drop Light white pink (Satin) (Limited Edition)
  • Boycrazy Pale lavender with silver pearl pigments (Lustre) (Limited Edition)
  • Azuki Bean Mid-tone violet (Frost) (Limited Edition)

Penultimate Eyeliner ($17.50)

  • Rapidblack True black (Permanent)

Zoom Lash ($14)

  • Zoomblack Rich black (Permanent)

-Is there anything from this collection that catches your eye?

– Anything you didn’t like? Let me know!

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Stereo Rose MSF

The stereo rose MSF(Mineralize skinfinish came out with a collection in 2010, and was soooo hyped up. Everybody was going bananas over it, because it was a re-release from 2005. MAC normally don’t wait that long between each time the re-premotes a product, so everyone was on the look out for it. It was limited edition so you can’t get it unless you buy it online or at a CCO. The product comes with 10 grams or 0.35 US OZ.

Like I said, everyone and their grandmother was rushing of to their mac counters and stores to get this product, and as the sucker  I am, I did too. The fact that I managed to get this is just pure luck. Every collection used to come out on the 15th of every month, and the month of this collection, it came on the 8th. So when I was walking to work on the 9th, I walked past the counter and saw the collection. I freaked out, ran in and got my MSF’s (I got petticoat as well) so I think that the normal mac crazies in my town didn’t know about the date change, and I got myself some red awesomeness.

Stereo Rose is the perfect MSF for fair skin tones. I use it as a blush and a highlight. it is very shimmery, just like every mineralized skinfinish I’ve ever tried, and gives the prettiest shine to you cheeks if you choose to use it as a blush. I also like to use it on top of other blushes, such as Bite of an apple from the venomous villains collection. This is the most vibrant MSF MAC has made in a long time, and when it first came out everyone talked about how unique it was considering that it could actually be used as a blush, and not just a highlight.

Overall opinion:

This blush is one of my biggest love, and will be for a long long long time. I’ll use until I have to scrap the bottom of the container and when/ if MAC ever re-premotes it again, I would buy it again and maybe even an extra just to be sure that I’ll have it forever, haha. Awesome product, and very unique.

Bite of an apple

This blush is a powder blush from MAC cosmetics, and it came out with the venomous villains collection. I went all out for this collection and almost ran over one girl to get my products, true story. There’s just something about the Disney theme that made me have the I-am-going-to-get-my-stuff-no-mather-who-I-have-to-kill attitude. You can’t get the product anymore unless you go to a CCO or buy it online. The blush comes with 6 grams or 0.21 US OZ.

The picture imprinted on the cover of the blush is of the Evil Queen from Snow white, and she’s pulling a side the curtains. The clear part sticks out from the rest of the container, and I’ve had some problems with it. The clear part on my blush didn’t go all the way out, if that makes sense, so after about a month it fell out. And it has done that four or five times afterwards, but I just pop it back in, no biggie. The rest of the container is shiny black, and not the matte way it normally is.

The colour of the blush is a bright red, with a slight hint of pink in it. It has a matte finish so you’ll have to work with the blending a bit, and it’s crazy pigmented! I only dip my angled brush in it three times, and that’s dips and no swirly motions. When it comes to who it can be used on I would say everyone. When a pale-ass-ghost like myself can use it, everyone can. Whenever I don’t know which blush to put on, I always go back to this one or Instant Chic (which I will have a review on soon) You just need to apply it properly. I’ve used my blush a lot since I got it, and the print is still on it, that’s how little you actually need.


This blush is AMAZING! I love it, and would recommend it to everyone who can get their hands on it. I hope MAC repromotes it sometime in the future. Like I said, it’s perfect for all skin tones and colours. A must have in my book.

Hey, my name is Tone Lise and I’m a MAC-oholic. There should be a rehab for people like me, haha. I LOVE my MAC, and whenever I’m at the shopping center my counter’s at, I always go in, and I always buy something. It’s a sickness. But anyway, this month the Wonder Woman collection was the big thing, but I wasn’t really feeling it. IT seemed so tacky and cheap, and nothing really spoke to me. But I went anyway because I wanted the Marquise’D lipstick, and of course, it was sold out! So there I stood, staring at the products thinking ” Let’s just see what all the fuzz is really about” and now I know what the fuzz is all about. Let me tell you guys, when I saw the collection in real life, I fell in love. Maybe it’s the I-need-to-have-at-least-one-product-with-the-special-packaging girl talking inside me or the hidden cartoon/superhero loving one, I don’t know, but I had real truble controlling myself in there.

The first thing I picked up was the powder blush in Mighty Aphrodite($24 or £21). This product is split it two parts. One is a nice peachy/coral colour, and the other one is a deep, dark pink colour. Both of the colours look good on their own, but even better blended together.

Then there was the eyeshadow palettes. I’m a huge sucker for MAC eyeshadows. So as I was standing there debating on which one to get I though of everything. Which one has colours I don’t have, which one seems like the one I’ll use the most and which one looked the most special. So I landed on the quad in Valiant ($40 or £36) It the one with all the pretty greens, I love it.Can’t wait to play more around with it.

But the MAC wonder woman wasn’t the only collection coming out this month, the jeanious collection came to the far north as well. I go through periods where I get so hooked on one category of products, like lipstick or eyeshadow, and I buy so much of that one category, it’s crazy. Right now, I’m in the blush state.

So the pale blush that was released with this collection is hype up all over YouTube. There are people saying it’s the best blush ever. Being the sucker I am, I went to pick it up. I couldn’t remember the name of it, so I looked at the two blushed and picked the lightest one. Only to come home and realize, it’s not the famous Pink Cult, but Cubic. My MAC counter had not gotten the Pink cult, so they put out a colour that was similar. A bummer for sure, but I’m kinda glad also. If I hadn’t thought it was Pink Cult I would never have gotten the Cubic one, and I love this colour. Amazing.

The last product from my MAC haul is also a blush, and it’s the BAM!-in-your-face kinda blush. It’s called Overdyed($19.50 or £17) and it is FUSHIA! First I thought, no way never gonna happen. But then when I looked at it, I fell more and more in love with it. It’s just soooo intense and pigmented. You would never think a pale ass ghost like me could pull it off, but with just a tiny tiny amount on my 168 brush, it gives the prettiest pink flush to my cheek, I love it.

I know MAC is very expensive, and no I’m not a spoiled brat. I pay for my own makeup with my own money. And frankly, I don’t even think my parents know just how much makeup I have. But it’s something I love, and when I love it I don’t mind spending all my money on it.

So tell me, what did you think was the must haves from these collection?

Did you find something you didn’t like? – Let me know!