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Oh sparkly blue

So if you’re one who follows the people on youtube regulary, you’ve probably seen that many has a colour on the tips of their brushes. This is a nice trick so you’ll reconize your brushes around other makeup artists or friends. You can use whatever colour to do this, it’s all up to your imagination. I did add a light baby blue cout at first, but decided to go with the sparkles as well later on. Hope you guys like it.

The first thing I did was to apply a bit of tape on the end of the brushes. How far up or down on the handle you want it is completly up to you. The line you make with the tape is going to decide where the nailpolish should start or stop.


Then you just apply the nailpolish layer by layer. I take two layers of each colour, but if your just using one colour I don’t think you’ll need more then two of them. Be sure to make it as intence as posible, that’s the coolest way people. Then you just let the nailpolish dry and peel of the tape. You should be left with an awesome coloured tip on your brushes.

Sigma beauty

Oh my god! One of the first things I heard about when I started watching youtube videos was the Sigma brushes. They are comparable to the MAC brushes only 1/10 of the price. There’s a story I want to tell you guys. I ordered the make me cool, aqua coloured brush set, and was so stocked about getting them in my mail. But they never came, they got lost in the mail. The Sigma site says that they do not take responsibility for lost mail international, but I thought I’d just send them a mail to see if they could place my order, and help me figure out where it was. When they couldn’t do this, they sent me a new kit, FOR FREE! The costumer service is so amazing, and they were so kind to me and helped me out. I love them. I’m going to repurchase from them, and highly recommend them to everyone who wants a brush collection, but don’t want to spend all that much money, but still get good quality brushes. This kit goes for $99, and contains 12 brushes.


The packaging is just to die for. The pictures won’t be too great since this was done at night-time,  I just couldn’t wait to show you guys!


You get 12 brushes for the same price as a mac 187 goes for here in Norway, now that’s just insane. I love it. Check them out you guys!

– Do you own any brushes from Sigma?

– What colour would you get if you were going to pick a kit?



The make me cool aqua kit: