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Blacktrack Fluidline

MAC’s fluidline($15 or £13.50) is one the most known products from their line. And blacktrack is the colour  everyone talks about. It’s just a black gel liner, which means you’ll need a brush to apply it. This is a permanent product at all MAC counters or stores or the online store. The container comes with 3 grams or 0.10 US OZ.


As you can see on the first picture you can see that I’ve used a lot of my blacktrack fluidline. I used it all the time when I first got it, and thought it was sent from heaven. And then I forgot about it for about four months, and in the last week I started using it again. When I started using it again, I realized just how easy it actually is if you have a somewhat steady hand. For every beginner with liner, I would recommend the gel liners, definitely the easiest way to go.

This product is perfect for making a cat-liner aka a flick at the end of you eyelid, to extend it, often used on pin-up dolls, and in pin-up looks. This is probably what the cat liner is known for. It’s also good for a thin and natural looking liner for all of you out there who don’t like to look as if you just came back from a long night out in the town. So prevent it from smudging, you should set it with a matte black eyeshadow, that is if you’re not a fan of the all famous raccoon eyes.

The blacktrack fluidline can be used on your waterline as well. There’s a lot of people who chooses do use it this way because it lasts all day when applied this way and it’s black, like really black.

Overall opinion:

This product is truly amazing, but not a must have. I consider the gel liner a must have, but you don’t have to get the MAC one considering that it’s very expensive. I would strongly recommend this for a beginner who’s just starting out with gel liner. Overall a great product.


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