Mac Cleanse Off Oil

I’ve always sworn by the simple face wipes for removing my makeup. I have an enormous fear for getting things and products in my eyes, because no matter who many times it states that it does not sting your eyes, it always huuuuuurt! Maybe I have super-duper sensitive eyes, I don’t know, but it hurts like a mother ******!

The Mac cleanse off oil($24 or £16) is a nice makeup remover oil, consisting of only natural ingredients. It comes with 150 ml/5.0 FL OZ.


So how do you apply it to your face you may ask? Well the answer to your question is quite simple. You take one pump into your hand, notice ONE PUMP, unless you have a creepy extremely large face surface – then you might need two – and rub you hands together. After this you apply the oil directly to your dry face and starts to work it in. After having massaged it for a while, add a small amount of water, which will create a nice foamy consistency. And after you’re satisfied with the makeup removing you may clean it off with some water. Easy peasy chicken pie.


The product itself does not look like much, it basically looks like water in a bottle. At first I thought it was going to be more of a gel consistency – God only knows why, it’s not like it’s described in the name of the product or anything – and was completely astonished when I pushed the pump, haha. It’s so nice and so easy, it’s insane. It even removes waterproof mascara and eyeliner like its nobodys business, and the bottle will last you for quite some time. With the cleanse off oil you don’t have to rub or tug on your skin, a simple gesture from your hand is all that’s needed, like a windshield wiper motion, back and forth over your eyelashes, and it comes right of.

The biggest concern I had about this product was, am I going to use 205 norwegian kroner on something I not going to use more than once? Like I’ve mentioned above, I have a server paranoia about getting fragments – liquid or firm – in my eyes. You might call me crazy, but I like my eyes the way they are, functional.

Overall opinion:

Like any other MAC product, this once also ranks on the more expensive side of the makeup industry. You can get cheaper alternatives for a lot less, a fraction of the price even. But like I’ve stated before, I enjoy MAC products. With them I know what to expect and how it’s going to work out. If you have the money, go for it, you wont regret it!

– What’s your favorite makeup remover?

Do you prefer makeup wipes or liquid makeup remover?

Do you swear by a special brand? If you do which? Let me know!


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