Lime me up baby!

So I know it’s been a while since my last post, but I’m back with a bright ass tutorial for you guys. I never wear this kinda eyelook on an everyday basis, but it you got the confidence or feel like it, go for it. I use it more for parties and such. About six months ago I would never even made this combination because I would never use it, but I’m building up my confidence day by day. Also, all the shadows will be from glamour doll eyes, I bought the sample sizes, so the pictures does not show how much you get with a full size jar. And you get free shipping world-wide with the sample, so helloooooo awesomeness. I got my packages a while ago they came ONE WEEK after I placed my order. That’s just crazy and amazing considering that I live in Norway and the company is based in America.

The first thing I did was to apply my UDPP and jumbo eyeshadow pencil in Milk from NYX all over my eyelids, as always, up to the eyebrow. After that, I applied the Glamour Doll eyeshadow in Electric Lemonade, which is an intense bright yellow colour on the inner corner of the upper lid.

You can see on the pictures just how intence these eyeshadow pigments are, it’s amazing! So after putting the electric lemonade I took the eyeshadow in Oddity. Oddity is this really pretty oh man, I can’t even remember how to describe the colour, you guys have to see it for yourself in the picture, awesome! But I put this on the middle of my lid and blended the two colours together.

Then I applied the all famous colour Shamerock in the outer corner and blended it softly together with the oddity.

To create a nice graded effect with the shadows on my lid and up to the browbone I took Frankenglamour and applied it through my crease. This makes the look more complete and more blended, you do not want to have any sharp lines, EVER! unless it’s a cut crease, but you know what I’m saying.

After that I just applied a matte white in Cloud coverage and applied some cobber glitter liner. Mine is just a cheap one from H&M, but it works wonders. It might sting a little when first applied, but if you can handle that, the outcome is amazing.

The only thing left after that is to apply some mascara, repeat the eyeshadow steps on you lower lashline, do the rest of your face makeup, and your done. Hope you guys liked this tutorial.

Glamourdoll website: