Instant Chic

I hate myself for doing this, but yes, I have another limited edition product to show you guys. But to my defence, I always fall in love with the products I can’t get once I run out of them, fml. Haha, anyway, this blush is from the pret a papier from the summer of 2010. I’m crossing my fingers for MAC to repromote this blush, its amazing.The container comes with 6 grams or 0.21 US OZ.

The first picture is taken in natural daylight, so it’s the one that’s the comparable  to the colour in real life. But anyway this is one of my most used blushes. Instant chic and Bite of an apple blush are the ones I’ll use for everyday basis, if it’s not Insant chic, it’s bite of an apple 90% of the time. The blush is matte even though it’s a sheertone, and when you apply it you have to work it into your skin and not just pack it on people. If you take your time with the blush, and blends it nicely, it makes the perfect I-got-plenty-of-sleep kinda look, and not the oh-crap-I-was-up-all-night-watching-movies looks that is kinda familiar to me and my friends.

This blush can be pared with anything. I use my bronzer in golden and MSF in perfect topping, and it looks pretty good if I might say so without sounding really cocky. The sheer coral colour gives a nice everyday glow to your face. I have never tried it out on a darker skin tone, but on the pale creatures out there(like myself) this is our blush!

“Instant Chic is the most unique of the three blushes, despite not having the best color pay off (it is a sheertone, though).  It’s coral enough to be perfect for summer and add some brightness to cheeks, but it’s not so warm that only warmer skin tones will like it.  I do think it’s a better shade for light to medium skin tones, and if you’re of a deeper skin tone, you may want to swatch it in person first.” –

Overall opinion:

This blush is my everyday blush, so of course I love it. I would without a doubt repurchase it, no question asked. An amazing product for everyday or just to build up in the summertime for the perfect natural coral cheeks.