Stereo Rose MSF

The stereo rose MSF(Mineralize skinfinish came out with a collection in 2010, and was soooo hyped up. Everybody was going bananas over it, because it was a re-release from 2005. MAC normally don’t wait that long between each time the re-premotes a product, so everyone was on the look out for it. It was limited edition so you can’t get it unless you buy it online or at a CCO. The product comes with 10 grams or 0.35 US OZ.

Like I said, everyone and their grandmother was rushing of to their mac counters and stores to get this product, and as the sucker  I am, I did too. The fact that I managed to get this is just pure luck. Every collection used to come out on the 15th of every month, and the month of this collection, it came on the 8th. So when I was walking to work on the 9th, I walked past the counter and saw the collection. I freaked out, ran in and got my MSF’s (I got petticoat as well) so I think that the normal mac crazies in my town didn’t know about the date change, and I got myself some red awesomeness.

Stereo Rose is the perfect MSF for fair skin tones. I use it as a blush and a highlight. it is very shimmery, just like every mineralized skinfinish I’ve ever tried, and gives the prettiest shine to you cheeks if you choose to use it as a blush. I also like to use it on top of other blushes, such as Bite of an apple from the venomous villains collection. This is the most vibrant MSF MAC has made in a long time, and when it first came out everyone talked about how unique it was considering that it could actually be used as a blush, and not just a highlight.

Overall opinion:

This blush is one of my biggest love, and will be for a long long long time. I’ll use until I have to scrap the bottom of the container and when/ if MAC ever re-premotes it again, I would buy it again and maybe even an extra just to be sure that I’ll have it forever, haha. Awesome product, and very unique.