Bite of an apple

This blush is a powder blush from MAC cosmetics, and it came out with the venomous villains collection. I went all out for this collection and almost ran over one girl to get my products, true story. There’s just something about the Disney theme that made me have the I-am-going-to-get-my-stuff-no-mather-who-I-have-to-kill attitude. You can’t get the product anymore unless you go to a CCO or buy it online. The blush comes with 6 grams or 0.21 US OZ.

The picture imprinted on the cover of the blush is of the Evil Queen from Snow white, and she’s pulling a side the curtains. The clear part sticks out from the rest of the container, and I’ve had some problems with it. The clear part on my blush didn’t go all the way out, if that makes sense, so after about a month it fell out. And it has done that four or five times afterwards, but I just pop it back in, no biggie. The rest of the container is shiny black, and not the matte way it normally is.

The colour of the blush is a bright red, with a slight hint of pink in it. It has a matte finish so you’ll have to work with the blending a bit, and it’s crazy pigmented! I only dip my angled brush in it three times, and that’s dips and no swirly motions. When it comes to who it can be used on I would say everyone. When a pale-ass-ghost like myself can use it, everyone can. Whenever I don’t know which blush to put on, I always go back to this one or Instant Chic (which I will have a review on soon) You just need to apply it properly. I’ve used my blush a lot since I got it, and the print is still on it, that’s how little you actually need.


This blush is AMAZING! I love it, and would recommend it to everyone who can get their hands on it. I hope MAC repromotes it sometime in the future. Like I said, it’s perfect for all skin tones and colours. A must have in my book.